Resources & Research

If you ask my kids what I do best, their answer would be “research.”
I love to research things, all things that interest me.  It’s the best way to discover and educate yourself. 

I have never been the kind of person that just takes someone’s word for granted.  I dig, and read, and make my own conclusions. I suggest you do the same too, however, if you don’t have time and would like the end result a little quicker, this area of Plant Strong and Courageous is for you.  All of the answers I find, I go over with our support group at our learning meetings and then post them here. I am excited to pass them on to you!

Please note that each article here is a compilation of facts that I have found from many sources and combined in a manner in which it will make sense for you. I use reference numbers to give credit where credit is due. I enjoy doing the research and passing on the information to you!

Lets discover this Whole Food Plant Based world together, shall we?