How I lost 50 Pounds – My Tips, Tricks & Secrets

How I lost 50 Pounds
Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Losing 50 Pounds with Whole Food Plant Based

If you are at the beginning of your weight loss journey, or even halfway there it, it can seem an impossible feat.  But follow these tips, tricks and secrets and before you know it – you’ll get there!  I can’t believe that I am sitting here about to tell you how I have lost 50 pounds.  That is a big number and something to be proud of.  Losing 50 pounds is the place you never think you’ll be until you get there.  The most wonderful part of losing this much weight, is that now I can share all my secrets with you!

First – Get your mind right…

First, you have to get your head in the game.  Attitude is everything.  I can’t tell you how many times I set out to lose weight and by noon that day I was downing half of a chocolate cake.  I would instantly give up and feel like a failure.  So you need to really set your mind to it.  Make a commitment and be determined to keep it.  If you don’t do this first, chances are very high you won’t succeed.  You have to treat this as a battle.  YOUR battle, and you have to be willing to fight for it.  Say it out loud – telling others what you are doing makes it real. You deserve to be healthy!

Understand “WHY” Whole Food Plant Based is the healthiest way to lose weight…

It is important to have a purpose behind your weight loss journey.  I believe that Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) is the healthiest way of eating around.  I did lots of research to come to this conclusion.  Understanding the “WHY”s of healthy eating, makes that purpose more valid.  Knowing “WHY” the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle will benefit your body, is going to allow your mind to start making small healthy changes.  Instead of feeling like you’re starving yourself by giving up a burger and fries, you can reasonably understand that the burger and fries will add a specific amount of unwanted calories, fat, chemicals and cholesterol which causes all kinds of chaos in your body. Once you are aware of the harmful results of eating unhealthy foods, it’s easier to say no to the burger meal and yes to a healthier choice.  You’ll find yourself replacing that fast food burger and fries with a home made veggie burger and baked home fries, without starving, and in my opinion tastes so much better.  My goal is to provide plenty of resources on this site that will help you understand why Whole Food Plant Based is not only the healthiest way of eating, but the only diet that has be proven to reverse heart disease and certain cases of Type 2 Diabetes.

Many people don’t understand why certain foods are on their diet…

I have talked to many people on “a diet” and when they tell me I can’t have that, I ask them why? In most cases they don’t know, it’s just not on the approved list.  These people rarely make it to their goal weight because they feel restricted and the choices are being made for them. I am going to teach you “WHY” different foods are bad for you and then you can make wise healthy choices on your own which is exactly how I lost 50 pounds.

The ability to Change Mentally…

Once you start to research and discover  what different foods can do to help or harm you, you will begin to make the connection between food and health.  Then eating the right foods will get easier.  Temptations won’t be as strong any longer.  You will be able to look at a piece of food and almost imagine eating a cigarette in its place because you will know that it is full of cancer causing carcinogens. Both the bad food choice and the cigarette could have the same effect on your body.  It’s that radical.  We will go into all of that as we explore losing weight by eating Whole Food Plant Based at the end of this post, but just remember that “educational weight loss = permanent weight loss”.

We get serious when life gets serious…

I have found that most people, including myself, don’t get serious about eating healthier and trying to lose weight until they have a health scare.  Most people that I run into are seeking a new diet or lifestyle because they have recently been diagnosed with either Auto Immune disease, Diabetes, heart disease, cancer or some other awful disease or illness. Nothing makes you more serious about getting serious than thinking you may die from a disease that may have been avoidable.  That is how I was when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Whether you’re here today reading this because your doctor gave you terrible news, or if you’re here trying to prevent it, welcome! I am glad you’re here and can’t wait to help you along your journey to healthy living!

Set realistic “small” short-term goals…

Start with small short-term goals.  Make your small goals just that – “small”. One of the worst things you can do to your self esteem and psyche is to commit self-sabotage with huge unrealistic goals.  My 1st goal was to remove a bad food item and replace it with a good food.  The 2nd goal I set was to drink more water.  Goal #3 was to remove all refined sugars from my diet.  I kept setting these small goals that were doable for me. As I achieved them I felt really good about my accomplishments.  Every time you add another small goal, keep the other ones going.  What do you need to work on most? Make it a small goal.  Each time you reach a small goal, share it with others, check it off your list or write it in a journal.  Whatever gets and keeps you motivated to keep going.  Keep sticking to, and achieving these small goals and you will see that as you are accomplishing them, without even realizing it, you will also be losing weight.

Then set one “BIG” long-term goal…

Once you get the hang of making and reaching your small goals, think long and hard about what you want your realistic “big” long-term goal to be.  This is how I set mine:

  • Weighing 222 pounds at 48 years old, I didn’t want to be 250 when I turned 50 years old.
  • So I did the calculations. I was 72 pounds away from 150.
  • In my twenties, I had weighed 150 pounds and was in my best health ever able to jog 3 miles a day. Because of this, I knew it was a realistic, healthy weight for my body to reach.
  • I was also 1 year and 7 months away from my 50th birthday.  I figured that I could most definitely lose 72 pounds in a year and 7 months.  If I did it faster, great!
  • So my long term goal became “150 by 50”.  That goal got posted on a board that I looked at daily.
  • I would give myself that good long amount of time, and keep working on small goals, as I made my way towards my big goal.  While I am still making my way there,  I am proud I have lost 50 pounds and still have 22 to go. You can do this too!

How to set your long-term goal…

So to set your “BIG” long-term goal:

  • First, ask yourself how much do you weigh now and where do you want to be?
  • What is a realistic healthy goal weight for your body?
  • What is a realistic long-term time frame?
  • Set yourself up for success, not failure.
  • Set yourself up for healthy weight loss, not something too rapid that could potentially hurt your body.
  • Once you set that goal, post it in a few different places as a daily reminder.
  • This is a great time to check with your health care professional to make sure they agree with the goal you have set in place.  Also to get a complete blood panel done so you can compare it and see your progress both internally and externally in 6 months or so.  (This will most likely amaze you.  My whole family has done this and we are all wowed with the results)!

Know and believe that you are special! You deserve health & happiness…

Now that you have set your small and long-term goals tell yourself that you deserve health and happiness. You do! You are special in so many people’s eyes.  Be special in your own eyes.  After all “God don’t make no junk”!!! Hold your head up high because you are worth it!    Imagine yourself healthy.  Take a deep breath and know that you are that healthy person.  You just have to uncover him/her.  Wake up every morning and tell yourself that today you are going to make positive steps to move closer to your goal, because you are important, and it’s time to start taking care of you!  I know you can do this!

Get support from friends, family and community…

Trust me, I could not have lost 50 pounds without this step.  You can even build up a cheer team and ask them to help keep you motivated and cheer you on.  I started a community support group that started 4 other lovely ladies and has now grown to over 25 members of both men and women.  We all support each other daily on a Group Me app, meet two times a month for learning meetings and outings, and encourage, educate and pray for each other constantly.  Surround yourself with amazing positive people, and you will do amazing positive things!

Celebrate your small success with “healthy” rewards…

Honestly, how many times growing up were we rewarded with food by our parents, teachers, coaches and other influential people in our lives? Not just any food either – sweet, rich, fatty scrumptious food.

  • An A+ on your report card = donuts!
  • Your first job = Dinner out at a fancy restaurant.
  • Oh and my favorite; behave in the grocery store = candy bar at check out.

These bad eating behaviors carry with us into adulthood.  For years as an adult, I would grab a candy bar at checkout each time I went.  My favorite was Hershey’s with almonds. I recently figured out that I go to the grocery store on average 4 times a week.  There are 210 calories in one Hershey bar with almonds.  So that means that I ate about 208 candy bars a year resulting in a whopping 43,680 empty calories!  That equals about 13 extra pounds a year just from candy bars.  That’s crazy to me! What is your daily treat?  Do the math, but sit down first it’s shocking!

Your rewards should be tangible & visible…

So now, instead of rewarding my successes with food.  I reward myself with tangible, visible rewards.  I have set up my own James Avery reward system:

  • For every 20 pounds I lose I get myself another charm for my charm bracelet.
  • So far I have the #20 and the #40 charm.
  • I have lost 50 pounds and am working towards the #60 charm.
  • When I hit 70 pounds I am going to get myself the “Just Do It!” charm.

I hardly wear any other jewelry.  I just want to be constantly reminded of my hard work and my accomplishments daily.  No matter where I am.  I look at the charms and they encourage me to keep going.  Best of all they are NOT FOOD!  Get out of that mind set that you need to reward yourself with food.  Whether it’s a James Avery charm or a picture on your living room wall.  Give yourself something that will encourage you to keep going, something that will make you think about how far you’ve come and something that you can see daily.

Downsize your clothes as you downsize yourself…

One of the biggest mistakes that we can make while losing weight is staying in our over-sized clothes.  If you keep wearing those clothes your mind will feel as if you still fit in them.  As the pounds begin to fall off, it’s time to go try on some new pants and get into a smaller size.  If you are worried about the cost just go to the thrift store.

  • I have gone from a size 18-20 down to a 16
  • Then 14 and now size 12
  • Each time I go to our local thrift store, I donate my bigger jeans, and buy 3 new pair of the smaller jeans for $4.00 a piece.

Seriously, that is cheaper than a fully priced pair of jeans at a department store.  It’s is very important to give the bigger jeans away.  You don’t want to hang on to them “in case” you grow back into them.  Have the state of mind that you “WILL NOT EVER” fit into them again.  Wearing your new pants will make you feel good and give you a turbo boost to keep up the good work!  You can do this!

Don’t downsize too early…

Make sure your pants are loose.  You don’t want to go too early and not fit into the next size down.  This can be discouraging.  If this does happen though, know that you are almost there and next time you try you will most likely fit into them.  I normally go when I have to hold my pants up with one hand while I’m walking, or if I can pull a zipped pair of jeans down without unzipping.

Add in some daily exercise…

When I was 222 pounds and starting to lose the weight.  The thought of exercise not only scared me but also made me want to throw up.  I could hardly walk up the stairs without getting out of breath, how could I get on a tread mill?  So in the beginning I made simple easy changes.  I just parked my car a little farther away on daily errands.  Took the stairs until I had to take the elevator. Sometimes, it was only 1 flight, and that was okay!  If you live in the country like me, walk to the mail box instead of driving your riding lawn mower – whatever it is, make small changes that get you up and moving daily.  Every little bit helps.  Before you know it, as you start shedding the pounds you will start wanting to move more.  Now I crave exercise.  I am excited about the possibility of being an athlete again.  I am still working slowly towards that but exercising 3 to 5 times a week.  Eventually you will feel good enough to try this.

Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) – My biggest Secret of all…

So you are probably thinking that these are all great tips, but wondering how I actually lost 50 pounds.  THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING PART!!!!  Once I learned about the Whole Food Plant Based diet “and stuck to it,” the weight just started falling off.  Literally falling off!  Click here to understand what you can eat on Whole Food Plant Based.  Don’t forget it’s even more important to understand why” we need to eat this way.  But learning wasn’t easy.  It took a lot of work, research and dedication on my part.  There are many websites, documentaries, recipe apps and books that I highly recommend, but there has never been a place where I could find all of the information all together.  One question I always get when people ask me about my Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle is “can you send me the link to your diet”?  It’s my goal to be “the link” for you.  There are many wonderful plant based heroes out there doing WFPB and sharing.  Refer to my resources page with tons of links, books, websites and documentaries to watch.  I suggest you research as much as you can but, if you’re like me you are ready to get started right away.

Learn how to get started…

You can learn exactly how to get started on the Whole Food Plant Based diet here.  On this site you will learn how Whole Food Plant Based is different from Vegan, Vegetarian and just regular Plant Based.  You’ll also learn Why eating this way can prevent and reverse Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes, can halt the progression of many Auto Immune Diseases and can help you feel better with more energy.

I have taken suggestions that I have learned from my WFPB heroes, the pros, and combined them all on this website to work together as a perfect weight loss recipe for me.  I am hoping you will try it and it will be the perfect recipe for you as well.  Let’s do this together! I lost 50 pounds and still have 22 pounds to go to hit my goal weight. What is your goal?

I believe we can save lives by sharing this information, so share everywhere!

 – Kathy

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