Foods to Avoid on a Whole Food Plant Based Diet

“Please don’t eat me!”

One of the questions I am asked a lot, is “what foods should you avoid when eating a Whole Food Plant Based diet?”

When considering the WFPB diet, harmful foods and food additives should definitely be avoided to hopefully prevent, and possibly reverse many diseases. Avoiding these foods can also help with daily inflammation, as well as a myriad of other healthy issues. Keep in mind, this is an explanation of “what” to avoid, not the “why to avoid it.” You can find all the information you need about why these foods are harmful for you on the Resources and Getting Started sections of this website. I am considering this an aid to help you quickly understand what foods you should not be eating.

Foods to avoid:

  • All Animal products: such as eggs, meat, milk, cheese, fish.  Basically anything that has eyes and/or came from a mother.
  • All chemicals: When reading food labels, any chemicals (especially those you can’t pronounce), any food additives, any food colorings, any natural flavors (which are generally man made chemicals to taste natural). Have questions about a chemical listed on a food label? Pull out your phone and Google it while you are in the grocery store. You will be amazed at the definitions of some of these ingredients.
  • Anything processed: All enriched foods, most boxed foods.  When you read the food label, the ingredients should just be the food.  (ie: black beans, salt.  NOT black beans, salt, sodium chloride, sodium benzoate, etc…).
  • Refined sugars: like white cane sugar, processed syrups and artificial sweeteners.  Even Stevia has added chemicals. Pastries and sugary sweets fall into this category as well. Best to steer clear of all of this and fall back on natural sweeteners.
  • Oils: like olive oil, vegetable oil, grapeseed oil and yes, even coconut oil.
Steer clear! Refined sugar feeds cancer! If you don’t feed it, it can’t grow!

Here is a link to all the wonderful foods you can eat while enjoying the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle.  It is a much longer list đź™‚

This is easier than you think, you can do this!


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